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Surprising Google News Tips for Your Website’s Ranking and Visibility

Google News has forever modified and transformed how readers keep up with the world around them. Prior generations of newsreaders, first had to pick up a publication and then sort through, page by page, to explore the headlines that captivate them and capture their attention (oh, the tedium!). Never again. Present-day newsies only have to search Google News in their browser to behold an aggregated page of several sources grouped by topic and displayed in order of the reader’s interests and priorities.


Ever heard about the journalistic upside to modern news reading habits? Modern-day writers have more power over getting their pieces on people’s brains and online radars. The downside? Like all things, Google News heavily relies on solid algorithms and formulas to fulfill peoples’ demands and serve them with what they want. According to Help Center for Google News, google selects and ranks articles based on diverse factors, including authenticity, diversity, freshness, locations, and significance.


Let’s dive into the methodology and approach armed with proven tips and editorial tactics to command search engine attention and skyrocket your overall traffic on Google News.

Publish Unique Content

The Google News Index requires authentic, unique, and fresh content with clear attribution. Remember to withstand the urge to regurgitate or repurpose present articles. Instead, publish relevant, excellent, and most importantly, reliable and robust copy to obtain higher priority than other articles.

Differentiate Yourself

Ok, fine. We understand that sometimes it makes sense to follow the trend and do what others are doing. If you want to get in on the current buzz others are writing about – just do it differently than the swarming masses. Take a look with a fresh lens and evaluate the event from an entirely different angle.


So we all know that primary news focus evolves as we dive deeper into the narrative or story. We would recommend you master the art of learning how to stay ahead of the breaking news trend. This is how you can stay one step ahead of the inevitable shift and keep your readers in the loop before anyone else.

Publish Fast & Update

So what is the General journalistic rule of thumb? It says that being first matters a lot. Be the first person to publish, be nimble when exploring and tracking new advancements, and keep your content current. Minor article tweaks are promoted and can be interpreted as a developing story update.

Headlines Matter

Headlines play a crucial role in Google’s tracking formula – make yours count. The thought for rankings in the news box is more “clearly structured” than with typical search results, making the use of the appropriate words and word combinations essential. Leverage compelling keywords and communicate as much of the story as possible by incorporating names, businesses, companies, associations, and events in your article title.

Opening Paragraph

No matter what type of writing you do, whether it’s technical, general or etc., you always need to pique your reader’s interest in the first paragraph. What should be the approach for this? Using the appropriate tone and incorporating a solid example in your first paragraph will get you there.

Want to know more? Let’s go.

Quickly jump onto the relevant point. Launch your content by addressing the foundational 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, and why) of your narrative and story in the first paragraph. Your first few sentences should supply as many details as possible and influence customers to arrive at home to get further information. Ensure your content is SEO optimized, relevant, and easy to understand.


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