Best Practices of an E-commerce Website

Did you know that it takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website? This implies that first impression matters. As per statistics, 85% of consumers said a business must have a reliable website that depicts quality. However, if your core demographics are individuals from Gen Z and millennials, that number expands to 91%.


A dramatic shift is taking place in the world of business, and it’s leveling the playing field for forward-thinking and inventive entrepreneurs worldwide. To respond to shifting customer preferences and a pandemic that has forced many physical locations to close, retailers are going digital.


Before developing an e-commerce store, bear in mind that you have to create a positive online experience with your brand. How will you achieve this? Experts at First Notch Tech shed light on the best practices for your next e-commerce website design. The following design factors could impact what your visitors think of your site and your business.


Market Research

Before you kick-start advertising and selling your product online, ensure conducting proper market research for your product. This is how you will get to know whether your product is in demand or going for an oversaturated niche. Consider checking in a specific country or market. Moreover, you can check the volume of research for your desired product.


We would recommend you using Google Trends. It’s one of the most powerful free tool that help you checking the keywords on the intention to purchase a product in a particular time frame. Alternatively, you can also utilize Amazon to check if the niche and market you are considering are already full of similar products with many reviews.

Consistent Branding

Someone familiar with your brand will expect your website to have the same look and feel as your company or brand. You don’t want people to arrive on your page and question if they’ve arrived at the right place. Consider utilizing an Omni-channel approach to branding, ensuring that your customers have a similar experience across all of your digital platforms and your physical location.


Your logo should be prominently displayed on your main page. If you’re going to use a template for your website design, make it reflect your branding using the same color scheme and fonts as your business cards, promotional flyers, and shopping bags.

Clean Design

According to the survey from Adobe, around 60% of your customers love interacting with a visually and delightfully pleasing website. While designing and developing the homepage, less is more. It could be tempting to cramp the homepage with text or photos, but that approach can overwhelm your visitors.


Your homepage is your storefront. You won’t display everything you’re selling inside the store. However, engage and entice customers by placing attractive deals and use a few words or sentences that convey your most crucial message blended with striking graphics to enhance the presentation.


One of the most critical aspects to consider when launching an e-commerce business is shipping. You have the option of using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to send your product or partnering with a third party to handle the shipping for you.


If you don’t have your warehouse and fulfillment center, these options should be examined. Many new e-commerce store owners don’t follow the result-driven practices, and due to this, they fail. You should always ensure following the right strategy and practical approach to maximizing your annual revenue. However, if you are looking for expert e-commerce website developers, then connect with First Notch Tech. First Notch Tech is one of the top e-commerce development and ranks amongst the Digital Marketing company in Texas, facilitating clients across the United States and the United Kingdom.

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